• Welcome to Vintages 2.0

    Welcome to Vintages 2.0

    Vintages 2.0 is a specialty wine merchant searching out and offering for sale artisanal wines, though with a focus on the classic regions of France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece.

  • Selected Wine in your Inbox

    Selected Wine in your Inbox

    Every wine I select and offer through my e-mail alerts is a wine I’ll have made a judgment on that this is worthy of your attention. You may not agree with me all the time, but I think you’ll find a voice and view point from which to calculate your own preferences.

  • Specialty Artisanal Wines

    Specialty Artisanal Wines

    My focus is Europe, but I also taste and select wines from the New World of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand. From both the Old and New World there are exciting new growers, new vineyards, and rediscovered ancient varieties that result in beautiful wines.

Weinbach Rieslings

The 2010s from Domaine Weinbach are some of the most exciting dry Alsatian Rieslings I have tasted. Here are my notes on three of these wines that are still available.

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Saturday Tastings Coming Soon

Vintages 2.0 will be holding Saturday tastings beginning in June 2012. Check back for an updated schedule. Private tastings can also be arranged at the Vintages 2.0 office at 8603 Crownhill Blvd. Suite 4, San Antonio, TX 78209. Contact me for information.

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